We supply computers, printers & all your technology needs!

Have you ever needed to make a technology purchase but dreaded the thought of dealing with the high street stores? We offer a concierge purchasing service which works like this:

  • Call us with your requirements for a no obligation chat
  • We will listen
  • We will give you honest, impartial advice on what we think would be a suitable product (we may even advise you not to purchase anything!)
  • We will not bamboozle you with science but explain the benefits to you of any potential purchase
  • We won’t offer to sell you an extended warranty (quality products should be durable & last a reasonable period of time anyway, in our opinion)
  • Our prices are essentially what you would see online at the big stores like Amazon, but we can occasionally negotiate some really good prices which are not available to the general public
  • All technology to some extent requires installation and setting up so here is where we add our cost
  • We will always provide you with a firm, written quotation (what we say is what you pay)
  • We will handle any warranty issues on your behalf should they arise

None of the above is revolutionary, we know, but technology purchases need not be a bewildering experience. High street stores exist to maximise profits. We exist to maximise your enjoyment of your technology.

Our most common request is for laptops and printers but if you plug it in, it has a screen, or has the word “smart” in its name we’ve probably supplied it over the years. We also refurbish equipment for resale and view someone’s old technology as someone else’s opportunity for a bargain.

Windows 10 background wallpaper photo by Pang Yuhao